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# Overview
* The Base Station is a small pyramid-like Box that houses two speakers and a small computer (Raspberry Pi).
* Its job is to manage the whole race, including the extensions.
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![baseStation (.jpg)](/images/baseStation.jpg?cropResize=200,200&classes=js-lazy-loaded,float-left#left)
# Setup
- Flash the [latest version of raspbian]( to a sdcard
- Create an empty file called "ssh" on the "boot" partition of the sdcard
- Attach the Pi to your network, boot it up, find out its ip address and login to it via ssh
- Configure the ScStwAp wifi hotspot as explained [here]( (no need to Add routing and masquerade)
- Setup the rtc module as explained [here](
- Install Qt on the Pi as explained [here](
- Use the RasPi profile and Qt Creator to compile the base station code and deploy it to the pi
- enable GPIO access in the raspi-config
- install wiringpi and omxplayer
sudo apt install wiringpi omxplayer
- Use the RasPi profile and Qt Creator to compile the ScStwMonitor code and deploy it to the pi
- install xserver
sudo apt install xserver-xorg xinit xserver-xorg-video-fbdev x11-xserver-utils
- Create the file /home/pi/speed_climbing_stopwatch/ with content
parent_path=$( cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" ; pwd -P )
cd "$parent_path"
function doScStwUpdate {
# check if there is a new version available
if [ -f "$UPDATE_FILE" ]; then
# check if a backup of the old version is still present
if [ -d "$OLD_VER_DIR" ]; then
rm -r "$OLD_VER_DIR"
# move the new version archive out of the bin dir
mv ./bin/ ./
# backup the old version
mv ./bin "$OLD_VER_DIR"
# create dir for new version
mkdir ./bin
# move the new version archive there and unpack it
mv ./bin
unzip ./bin/ -d ./bin
# remove the new version archive
rm ./bin/
sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./bin/ ./bin/speed_climbing_stopwatch_basestation
- Create the file /home/pi/ with content:
sudo /home/pi/speed_climbing_stopwatch_basestation/ &
sudo xinit /home/pi/ScStwMonitor/ &
- Create the file /home/pi/ScStwMonitor/bin/ with content:
parent_path=$( cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" ; pwd -P )
cd "$parent_path"
sudo xset s off
sudo xset -dpms
sudo xset s noblank
./bin/ScStwMonitor -platform xcb
- Add to /etc/rc.local to auto start everything:
sudo /home/pi/
- \[optional\] configure custom splash screen as explained [here](
- note: append 'fbcon=map:2' to the end of /boot/cmdline.txt
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