A small robot that drives around without touching any wall or anything else - hopefully :-) This is a small how-to-code project for kids in Murnau - supported by the MakerLab in Murnau.
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Repo Overview

This is fun in progress and for sure not covering all questions and topics. Hopefully you will get an idea of what that project means and is able to do. Have fun and let us know what you think.

Repo dir Description
Arduino/libraries arduino stuff and libraries
Doku HowTo as well as doxygen documentation. View it here
Install Everything to get your dev IDE running on your PC
AppInventor Module to load into AppInventor or directly to your phone.
Fritzing Schematics and stuff
Bilder Pictures of racers and events;-)

Full API Docs

A full API Documentation is available here

How to start


Create a release

To create a release and publish it to the pio registry, follow these steps:

  1. Increase the version number in CodeRacer_MKII/library.json
  2. Commit and push
  3. Create a git tag in the form of vVERSION, eg. v1.0.5
  4. push git tags