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All about Elli
Updated 2024-02-13 10:06:04 +01:00
Small unit to control an Adventsfenster ;-)
Updated 2022-12-10 11:10:53 +01:00
Updated 2022-07-15 18:07:42 +02:00
Here we are going to create a display based on a matrix of WS2813 LEDs and an anrduino or ESP
Updated 2022-07-15 18:07:39 +02:00
Make it walk! It's not a real spider - but still a challenge and possibly a lot of fun. Based on a Thinkerforge model and project this is an own version of this 4 feed vehicle ;-)
Updated 2022-07-15 18:07:24 +02:00
A simple alarm clock based on four digit seven segment display and a DS3231 RTC modul. You can setup and adjust the time and one alarm. The alarm sound is created with an active buzzer.
Updated 2022-07-15 18:07:18 +02:00
LED clock based on an infinity mirror clock case.
Updated 2022-07-15 18:07:10 +02:00